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Have you been declined a monthly mobile phone contract because your credit history is sub-par?

Getting refused for a contract for mobile phone is nothing to worry about. If you know what you are doing and where you are looking, you can make that search much easier. Here are a few tips that we at Chek Phones think will greatly enhance your chances of finally hearing that elusive "yes" when applying for a pay monthly contract.

Pick a Cheap Handset and a Low Monthly Tariff

Did you know that most of the cost of a mobile phone contract goes on the handset? The more expensive and modern it is the more you will have to pay. Hence, many providers will not even grant you a contract if you apply for the latest models if you have bad credit.

If you are looking to get your chances of getting a contract improved, don't pick the most expensive handset. Instead, pick up something like the Blackberry 9720 or the Sony Xperia L

Be Ready to Make an Upfront Payment

A network operator will sometimes ask you to make an upfront payment in order to approve you for a pay monthly contract.

For a person with bad credit problems, but with some cash to spare, this is an excellent way to get what he or she needs (a mobile phone contract, of course). The deposit you make will greatly boost your approval chances and you can get the money back after 6 to 12 months of regular repayments. Click for more details on how to cut costs on bad credit mobile phones.

  • Review Your Credit Report
  • Register on the Electoral Roll
  • Think About Getting a SIM Only Contract
  • Have Someone be Your Guarantor

Review Your Credit Report

Before you make your pay monthly contract application, you should first make sure that your credit report will allow you a modicum of chance of getting approved.

The reason for making such a move is that the mobile phone contract provider will make a credit check of his own. Although many companies have significantly lowered their demands when it comes to user credit, they still don't just give out contracts to bad credit customers. If they found your credit report not meeting their minimal requirements, they may still reject you for a monthly contract.

By making sure that your credit report is up to date and accurate, you can improve your chances of getting approved for a bad credit mobile phone contract.

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Register On The Electoral Roll

One trick many people may not be aware of when getting a credit or a loan is to be registered on the electoral roll. A lot of people think they are automatically registered so they don't bother to look. This is a big mistake, as it can benefit you a lot.

Not being registered on the electoral roll will not help you obtain a loan or a credit. This is because credit agencies will use the information contained in the roll to verify your identity and address. When they do so, they will pass that info onto pay monthly contract providers and lenders to prevent possible fraud.

If your name doesn't come out on the electoral role it won't look good for your bad credit phone contract application.

Think About Getting a SIM Only Contract

SIM only contracts are good way to get a mobile phone number if your credit rating doesn't meet the requirements of the provider. One of the reasons being is that the deal doesn't include a handset as is therefore much cheaper than a regular, even bad credit mobile phone contract.

Another reason why you may have better luck with SIM only deals is that, even though there will still be a credit check, the criteria are much lower.

Of course, the only catch with SIM only plans is that you will have to provide your own handset.

Have Someone be Your Guarantor

If your credit rating is very low and you have tried all of the above, but still getting rejected, there is one more thing you can do. Ask a friend or relative to be your guarantor by signing up on your behalf.

How does having a guarantor work in the case of mobile phone monthly contracts?

A guarantor is a person whose credit rating will be checked instead of yours when you apply. If you made a good choice as to who will be your guarantor, this person will pass a credit check with no problem and you will finally get a monthly contract you have been waiting for so long.

However, before you start buzzing your friends and relatives for this favour, you should know that, in case you default on your payments, your guarantor will be obligated to do so for you.

Here at Chek Phones we know how hard it can be to get rejected for a mobile phone contract due to bad credit. Our hope is that with our help and these tips, you will finally land a contract.